Nikki Benz stops by for a chat.

I had a chance to sit down and chat with 2011  Penthouse Pet Of The Year, Nikki Benz on her recent trip to DejaVu Dreamgirls  in Seattle.

DS: Where are you from?

NB: I Grew up in Toronto, but I currently  live in LA right now.

DS: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

NB: I Started doing movies in 2003, and have been feature dancing since 2005.

DS : What’s the transition like from feature dancing to films? is it a big change?

NB:I started out as a house dancer in Toronto and became a local bikini model(calendars and catalogs)… Then I sent in my picture to an adult film director from Florida. The reason I did that is because I thought “ok, if I do movies that will lead me to feature dancing which is a lot more exciting than being at one club and one city the whole time.” My goal was to be a feature dancer. When I started doing movies I realized how much I like doing movies. So I balanced it out 50/50. There is a big difference. More elaborate outfits when feature dancing and lots of travel. Been to Italy, Finland, and it great to meet fans all over. May possibly get to feature dance at a club  in moscow.  Feature dancing is a way larger scale…  More people know about you, there is advertisement with radio shows, twitter, fb. where as if I was a house dancer I would just have my regular customers.

DS: Favorite cities in the us?

NB: First of all I would like to say that i’m really excited to be in Seattle because i’ve never been here before. It’s hard to pick one city. It’s been really fun to feature dance in NY and Atlanta, and then smaller cities like in Ohio because fans are really appreciative that you came out to their city. So I can’t pick one city, but I have a great feeling about Seattle.

While Nikki is here for 2 days she is going to the Pike Place Market and to make the pilgrimage to the first Starbucks because she is a “Starbucks fanatic/ junky”. She was really excited about Starbucks because she worked there when she was 15 until she was 18. She was the youngest employee at starbucks in Toronto ever hired. We chatted about the test Starbucks on Olive/Summit and the special things they offer and Nikki replied with “For these reasons this is why Seattle rocks”

DS: Do you have any aspirations to direct films or own your own company?

NB: Not in to owning dvd or vhs film company (Jenna Jameson started at the right time) it’s dying now, so no. The internet is bigger now and i have had my own website since 07.

DS: How are you adapting to the internet changes?

NB: I am under contract with Penthouse. I can only work and shoot for them. I am on salary as their spokes model. Prior to being on contract I was working for top internet companies like Brazzerss and Reality Kings.
when the whole industry went internet there was not a big change. I was lucky to build my name enough to say who I want to work for and how much. Internet companies pay well because they will make their money back. I am really thankful to Brazzers for blowing my name up. I was one of the top shot girls on their website until my contract with Penthouse.

She a huge “twitter whore”

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